Open Anthology Call –  Accepting Submissions


We are looking for short stories for the upcoming anthology, War Cry, by Bella Tulip Publishing.


Victims of war or terrorism




Between 8000 and 10,000 words. Stories marginally under or above these words counts will be rejected.


20th August

Release Date:

22nd October


All stories must be set in the 21st century and in the real world with no fantasy elements. At least one of the main characters must be a victim of war crime, suffer from PTSD, or other disabling mental health issues due to war. This is an anthology about the psychological effect of war.

Please think outside the box, although most of the stories would be about returning soldiers, imagine how a child would see it, a spouse, how it would affect their friends or even the psychologists. What about the kids caught up in the middle of war? Those that are killed by terrorists or the families that are left behind?


Each author will receive 5% royalties.

We are accepting 6 submissions

Although the stories will be edited, that does not mean send in a first draft copy. Please do your best to go through your work and edit it before you submit.

Please send your completed story to submissions (at) with SUBMISSIONS: WAR CRY in the subject line of your email.


20% of the royalties accrued will be donated to British Red Cross.


About the British Red Cross

The British Red Cross relief fund gives immediate financial help to people who have been seriously injured or bereaved by terrorist incidents overseas.

When terrorist incidents occur, it can be hard for the people affected to get financial help from insurance bodies. This fund – which we set up at the request of the government – provides an immediate payment of £3,000 to help people recover from the incident.

This grant is not compensation for what victims have suffered.